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Joseph DuMouchelle explores rising untreated sapphire prices

  With the value of untreated sapphires rocketing, qualified gemologist Joseph DuMouchelle takes a closer look at the market. Commanding prices as much as 80 percent or more higher than their counterparts, ‘untreated’ sapphires, as they’re known, are rocketing in value. A graduate gemologist, appraiser, and auctioneer, jewelry expert Joseph DuMouchelle offers a closer look at the […]

Joseph DuMouchelle Offers Professional Insight Into Gemstone Treatments and Value Factors

Gemologist Joseph DuMouchelle explains gemstone treatments and enhancements, and how such processes affect values. When it comes to gemstone pricing, applied treatments and enhancements, versus a stone remaining natural beyond cutting and polishing, represent among the most critical factors in determining values. A graduate gemologist, appraiser, and auctioneer, jewelry expert Joseph DuMouchelle explains more on the subject. […]

Joseph DuMouchelle

Joseph DuMouchelle explains how natural blue diamonds are setting records

Jeweler and gemologist Joseph DuMouchelle offers insight into the rise of record-breaking natural blue diamonds. An estate buyer, graduate gemologist, appraiser, auctioneer, and jeweler, Joseph DuMouchelle is the president and co-founder of Joseph DuMouchelle Fine & Estate Jewellers, LLC. Here, the jewelry and precious gem expert—raised amid a family-run estate and auction business with a 91-year history—reveals more about […]